In February 2013 the Elora Environmental Centre was contracted to deliver, over two years, 1,046 free energy evaluation audits and energy retrofits to lower income households in several communities in southwestern Ontario. The program, run in partnership with the Ontario Power Authority, and two small local electric distribution companies, includes the installation of Energy Star appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, Elora Centre for EEwindow air conditioning units and, in some cases, major insulation renovations in households which qualify. The program also involves a Certified Energy Advisor implementing energy efficient upgrades, such as CFL light bulbs, power bars with timers, programmable thermostats, low flow faucets free of charge in lower income housing. EEC was tasked with purchasing the initial inventory of energy efficient products before seeing repayment from the local electric utility which, in the early stages of the program, places a burden on EEC’s cash flow.

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