Social impact investing remains a hot topic online, and we do our best to help you stay on top of what leading thinkers have been saying. Following our twitter is the best way to see updates as they happen, but now and again we like to take a minute to highlight some of the best posts we’ve shared over the past month.

Our friends at have put together a brilliant overview of social financing: what types of social financing are there, who is involved, how does it work. This is a must-read for anyone with an interest in impact investing. That’s you! (

Sasha Dichter at Acumen writes persuasively that impact investing suffers from a “language problem.” Read his incisive analysis of just what “at market” and “below market” rates of return mean in our sector, and how changing terminology can emphasize the real value of social return. (

Philanthrocapitalism? Read Herald Business’ overview of how multibillionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have committed fortunes to a soon-to-be trillion dollar asset class. (Chronicle Herald)

At the other end of the spectrum, check out JustChange’s guest blog here at CFF about how their new microgrants allow people like you (or even, you yourself!) to instigate real change in your community. (CFF Blog)

Our friends and loan recipients at THEMUSEUM are in the midst of a successful fundraising campaign, and expect to enjoy their first ever operating surplus! Read what CEO David Marskell wrote about the campaign. (THEMUSEUM)

The Ontario Trillium Fund celebrates 30 years of grants with a fun new video which talks with recipients past and present about how OTF helped them achieve their goals. (OTF)

Lawrence Fletcher expresses a healthy skepticism about the intentions of shamefaced hedge fund managers committing themselves to socially conscious investment. (Reuters)

We’ll have more fresh blogging goodness for you very soon! In the meantime, check us out on Facebook and twitter to share your thoughts on these stories and to get the latest updates on all the great news here at the Community Forward Fund.

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