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Considering Applying for a Loan?

Nonprofits and charities are vital to our communities and our economy, providing essential services that have great impact. With their unique organizational structures and operating environments, social organizations need a financing partner that can appreciate their requirements and help meet their unique needs.

Our loans help charities and nonprofits manage growth, build and renovate facilities, balance grants and contract payments and bridge capital campaigns, so organizations can thrive and grow.

How Can CFF Help you?

As a fund dedicated to lending to charities and nonprofits CFF tailors loans to individual clients based on their financial needs. Our loans can help you:

Expand programs or grow earned income

Purchase, build or renovate a building

Purchase or upgrade needed equipment

Manage timing of foundation or government grants or from donations, capital campaigns or other revenue such as ticket sales from arts exhibitions.

Typically, loan candidates meet the following criteria *:

They are organizations incorporated as nonprofits or charities

They have been operating for at least 3 years

They have revenues of over $250,000 per year

They have cash flow that will allow them to repay the loan (this can include as an alternative to rent in the case of buying a building, contracts or other revenue streams or a planned revenue generating operation)

Can tell us about the impact both of their organization and how the loan or financing support will contribute to this impact

*CFF will consider loans to organizations that do not fit all of these criteria on a case by case basis

Size of Loans

Typically, we will consider loans between $35,000 and $250,000 but we have had applications for much larger loans. For larger loans we are working to collaborate with a variety of lenders and organizations.