Nous regrettons de vous informer que cette page n’est pas offerte en français. Cependant, nous procédons actuellement à des mises à jour pour créer un site bilingue. D’ici là, vous pouvez consulter la version anglaise de cette page.

The Community Forward Fund is grateful to its many supporters for their time, energy and financial contributions and would like to especially thank the following:

The Ontario Trillium Foundation: The Community Forward Fund gratefully acknowledges The Ontario Trillium Fund for its

generous contributions to our work. The Ontario Trillium Foundation is an agency of the Government of Ontario.

Citizens Bank (CB) of Canada (a subsidiary of Vancity) generously provided initial development capital for the Community Forward Fund (CFF). Their grant allows us to work with both Canadian and international organizations to scope out and develop the best possible loan program for nonprofits and charitable organizations within Canada. Up to 25 per cent of this initial funding was reserved for the loan fund itself.

CFF’s Board and Founders were pleased to receive a follow-on grant in early January from Vancity to allow us to finalize our development and increase the size of our demonstration loan fund. Vancity’s support has made the creation of CFF possible! Special thanks to Tamara Vrooman CEO, Chris Dobrzanski CEO Citizen’s bank and Derek Gent from the Vancity Community Foundation for their ongoing support.

Communicarium, who are providing communications advice and materials, including brand design, online presence management and website.

Blakes, Cassels & Graydon LLP who are providing fundamental services for the Community Forward Fund Assistance Corp.

Pro Bono Supporters

We have attracted a growing number of organizations and individuals, in addition to our advisors, who are excited by our plans and have agreed to partner with us as volunteers, to provide pro bono services and to offer their support. Among these supporters are:

Macquarie Financial and Foundation for their assistance with our development plan.

Social Innovation Generation (SiG) for their ongoing support encouragement, especially Tim Draimin and Allyson Hewitt

Tim Brodhead

Bill Young of Social Capital Partners

As well, our thanks to the Nonprofit Finance Fund for their encouragement, support and sharing of resources.