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The members of the advisory group of the Community Forward Fund bring a diverse range of expertise across many sectors which supports us in fulfilling our mission. Their commitment and knowledge is invaluable to us as we build our organization.

Marcel Lauzière

President and CEO, Imagine Canada

Marcel Lauzière is the President and CEO of Imagine Canada, a national umbrella for charities and nonprofits in Canada. He has worked in the charitable and non-profit sector as well as in government here in Canada and abroad.

Prior to this appointment to Imagine Canada, he served as Deputy Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development in the New Zealand government. He has also served as President of the Canadian Council on Social Development, as Special Advisor to the President of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and as Founding Executive Director of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Throughout his career, Marcel has been a volunteer and has served on numerous boards and advisory committees in Canada and internationally including: the Statistics Canada Advisory Committee on Social Conditions; the Coalition of National Voluntary Organizations; the Canadian Center for Philanthropy; the International Council on Social Welfare; and the New Zealand Advisory Council on Official Statistics. He currently sits on the Editorial Board of The Philanthropist, the Accounting Standards Oversight Council (AcSOC), and the AGNA Steering Committee (CIVICUS).

Marcel has a Masters degree in Canadian Social History from the University of Ottawa.

Rod Macgillivray

Senior Financial Advisor, former investment banker

Rod Macgillivray, who retired in 2005 with 40 years of experience in the investment industry in North America and Europe, has advised governments and Crown Corporations on a wide variety of financial issues. This initially involved debt financing in domestic and foreign capital markets as well as considerable work on deficit and debt reduction strategies through the 1990s.

Prior to retirement, he was a Managing Director with CIBC World Markets and a member of its Power and Utilities Group, where he led this group’s activities with public sector utility clients and their government owners.

Rod continues to be active in the not-for-profit sector. He was Vice Chair of the Board of Roots of Empathy and is Past Chair of the Board of the George Brown College Foundation.

Hilary Pearson

President and CEO of the Philanthropic Foundations of Canada

pfc2009_1067Hilary Pearson’s career has spanned the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

She spent over 12 years in the Canadian federal government as a policy analyst and senior manager in central agencies such as the Department of Finance and the Privy Council Office.

In 1993, Ms Pearson became Vice-President, Strategic Development, at Royal Bank of Canada.

In 1996, she turned to management consulting, and in 2000 launched a practice in the non-profit sector, with a wide range of clients, from national membership organizations and operating charities to local organizations in the health, cultural and social services field. In November 2001, she was named President of Philanthropic Foundations Canada, a member association of Canada’s independent and family foundations.

In addition to her volunteer advisory work with the Community Forward Fund, Ms. Pearson is a member of several nonprofit boards, including Imagine Canada, the United Nations Association of Canada and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival of Canada.

Ms. Pearson holds a BA and an MA in Political Economy from the University of Toronto and an honourary doctorate from Carleton University.

Alexandra Wilson

CEO, The Agency for Cooperative Housing
Board Member, Audit Committee Past-Chair, Cooperators Insurance Company

alexandra_wilsonAlexandra Wilson has extensive experience with co-operative and non-profit organizations. Her involvement with co-operatives dates back to 1974, when she and her neighbours organized the successful conversion of Toronto’s Bain Avenue Apartments to a non-profit housing co operative following the owner’s announcement of a plan to sell the 260 flats as condominiums. Her participation in saving her own home led to professional roles in the development, management and provision of association services to housing co operatives in Toronto and on the national scene.

After 15 years’ service, Alexandra stepped down from her post as executive director of the Co operative Housing Federation of Canada to start up the Agency for Cooperative Housing, becoming its first CEO in 2005. The Agency provides compliance- and risk-management services to CMHC in connection with its portfolio of direct and insured loans to housing co-operatives.

Since 2000 she has served as a member of the board of directors of The Cooperators Group and several of its subsidiaries. With assets of $9 billion, The Group is Canada’s largest Canadian-owned, multi-product insurer. Currently second vice chair and chair of the sustainability committee, Alexandra chaired the Group’s audit committee from 2002 to 2006.