Charities and nonprofits are the cornerstones of our communities, providing vital services that address our most pressing social problems and strengthen our neighborhoods.

Over the past year, we have met with over 120 charities and nonprofits and found that they are looking for new ways to finance and provide services.

With their varied business models and unique operating environments, and due to changes in the current funding environment, charities and nonprofits need a financing partner that can appreciate their particular financial situation and provide solutions to meet their needs.This has led to a growing interest and demand for different kinds of financing, including loans.

As a nonprofit organization, the Community Forward Fund Assistance Corp. (CFFAC) considers loans to individual clients based on their unique financial story, plans and capacity.

Here are a few examples when a charity or nonprofit might need a loan:

  • To grow a mission-related revenue stream
  • To expand to new communities where services are needed
  • To invest in diversifying a funding base with new partners and/or corporate sponsors
  • To build new lines of business when an organization has the expertise to fill a gap that fits its mission and could provide a potential revenue stream
  • For capital to buy materials and equipment
  • For bridge financing for cash flow when government grants or capital campaign funds are pending
  • To temporarily smooth cash flow in order to meet day-to-day operating cash needs
  • To purchase, build or renovate a facility, including leasehold improvements
  • To upgrade or purchase Materials and equipment necessary to your organization’s operation

Has your organization been presented with opportunities like those listed above but can’t access financing? Are you interested in considering if your organization is loan-ready?

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Please check out our case studies for examples of organizations we are currently working with.

To begin to consider if your organization is loan-ready, please review our presentation.