Case Studies: Loans

The Community Forward Fund supports nonprofits and charities through loans. We are pleased to support the following organizations in their work.

The B.A.A.N.N Theatre Centre

Thanks to their help, when we opened our newly renovated space in March 2014, we were able to immediately launch productions. In the months since, we have experienced an unprecedented level of activity.

Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre

Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre (Sunbury Shores) is a nonprofit, membership-based organization situated on the shores of Passamaquoddy Bay in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick. Established in 1964, the Centre has played a role in the development of a strong arts community through the execution of a unique mandate – to explore the connections between art and nature.

The Mustard Seed Co-operative Grocery

“The process of working with the Community Forward Fund and its partners forced us to refine our business plan and project our needs as thoroughly as possible. Their involvement gives our members confidence that we will not run into working capital challenges in the years ahead…”

Nishnawbe Homes Inc.

In order to begin construction, Nishnawbe Homes had to address costs related to obtaining a building permit and project approvals. Grant and construction financing starts only after the planning and pre-development work is complete. The organization obtained a bridge loan from the Community Forward Fund.

The Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa

With approximately 5000 funerals per year in the City of Ottawa the Funeral Co-Operative hopes to capture 2% of the market and will not “upsell” its clientele.

OCISO Nonprofit Housing Corporation

In order to meet the requirements of the Canada Lands Corporation, OCISO NHC needed to have a building permit by the end of the year. This included the need to pay for a number of construction-related costs within six months, something that normally takes up to nine months to complete, including the design work.

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