About The Students Commission: A history of excellent programming

The Students Commission was founded in 1991 around four pillars: Respect, Listen, Understand and Communicate™. These are the Commission’s core values and its core process. In the year 2000, The Student’s Commission earned the funding, through a federal competition, to establish The Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement.

Through conferences, workshops and tailored training, the Commission helps to involve at-risk youth in community building projects.

These projects range from municipal to provincial and federal discussions on future policies and directions for Canadian youth and youth services. One signature project is PEACE, turning at-risk and gang-involved youth in urban areas across Canada into positive leaders. Another is Influence In Action, providing youth influencers with important health information to share with their peers.

The challenge

Due to the increasing length between government grant commitments and receipt of funds, The Commission has considered a line of credit to allow constancy and management of cash flow. However, funding from banks has required that senior management’s personal assets act as collateral in the absence of hard assets belonging to the Commission, something that cannot continue.

As well, many of the Commission’s alumni are now in the position to provide financial contributions to the Commission, a testament in itself to the organization’s effectiveness. However, there is a remaining requirement for financial assistance in setting up a program to tap into this donor market.

A solution: The Community Forward Fund in partnership with The Students Commission

The Student’s Commission has a strong history of significant community impact. The Community Forward Fund is pleased to work with the Student’s Commission to consider financing options that will help bridge the timing gap and which can allow them to create a robust and healthy alumni fundraising program.

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