Working together for growth and prosperity

Debaj CircleIn August 2011, CFFAC was invited by the Debajemujig Creation Centre (DCC) to visit their production and training centre on Manitoulin Island. This visit provided an excellent opportunity for CFFAC to learn more about the needs of aboriginal arts groups and for DCC to examine their financial health and align program activities with long-term goals. CFFAC is thrilled to be working collaboratively with this inspiring organization and looks forward to an ongoing partnership.

Many of the photos on this page were taken during the August meetings when the two organizations benefited from mutual learning and CFFAC conducted their first financial “MRI”.

About the Debajehmujig Creation Centre (DCC): autonomy and creativity

The Debajehmujig Creation Centre is an aboriginal arts and animation organization operating across Canada’s North. Founded in 1984, the organization has not only provided artistic programming and training for adults but has also trained over 7,000 aspiring youth artists and community leaders from high-risk aboriginal communities.

The youth involved participate in live performances, fine art development and community economic development initiatives. Work has also been done in Northern Alberta to assist in the founding of an arts and mentoring centre.

A success story

Recently, drawing on its own resources, DCC completed construction on a 2.8 million dollar multi-disciplinary creation, production and training centre on Manitoulin Island. This project was completed without the benefit of a mortgage. The centre was completed off reserve land to preserve its potential use as collateral for a revolving line of credit.

The challenge

debaj_creation_centre2While DCC has received a small equipment loan for tools , they have been unable to secure a line of credit to complement the cash flow from its fees, programs and grants. Debaj has worked hard to build its financial and creative assets and is looking to the future. The organization is currently considering many options for sustained growth over the next 3-5 years.

 The Solution

The Community Forward Fund Assistance Corp. (CFFAC) and The Debajemujig Creation Centre (DCC) are working collaboratively to strengthen DCC’s financial health through considering their current assets and future options. Phase 1 of this work took place during August 2011.

Visit the Debajehmujig Creation Centre website